Billy Button Limited Releases

With twenty-two different wines, not 3 months ever pass without some new releases from Billy Button.

Winemaker Jo Marsh is an absolute energizer bunny, whirling at 100 km's per hour, she is a machine that never sleeps.

In the winemaking rulebook, the standard path involves following a prescription of guidelines that result in perfectly acceptable drops. In the Billy Button rulebook, well, there is no rulebook. Jo believes in doing what’s best for the wine, polishing and perfecting, highlighting the fruit and sculpting the palate so the wine flows through the mouth with texture and interest. Jo has a technical approach, but also relies strongly on her gut instinct.

April sees the release of some of her most exciting wines, as usual in extremely limited quantities.


With their origins in the Friuli region of Northern Italy, Refosco and Schioppettino are a couple of cult varietals that have started popping their heads up in Australia over the past few years. Young winemakers like Jared Curwood of Chapter Wines, and Dave Bowley of Vinteloper have dabbled in them, however Jo seems to have taken it a step further and added these wines to her extensive range on a yearly basis. What Jo does exceptionally well is being true to the origin of the grapes, showing respect for the traditional way these grapes are vinified, while at the same time ensuring their have the Billy Button stamp on them.


 New Releases

2017 'the fiesty' Fiano


Fiano is a variety that originates from the Campania region of Italy. Like all Italian varieties it loves the sun and produces vibrant melon, guava and tropical fruit flavours with a rich, intense palate. The high natural acidity gives the wine a crisp, refreshing finish. A pleasure to grow, a pleasure to make, a pleasure to drink, it really is a fantastic variety! Sourced from the Greenacres Vineyard at Merriang South

2017 'the affable' Barbera

Originating from the Piedmont region of Northern Italy, Barbera is yet to find fame in Australia, but its infinite potential means that you’ll be seeing a lot more of Barbs over the coming years, as it suits our climate fantastically. A hallmark of Barbera is its high acid retention, which is just perfect for the warm, sunny Australian climate. Combine high acid with bright jubey fruit, and you have a vibrant fruit-driven style with the ability to cellar mid-term. Prego. The fruit is sourced from the Ferraro vineyard in Myrtleford.


2017 'the renegade' Refosco 

Refosco (dal Penduncolo Rosso) originates from Friuli in North East Italy. With just one row of this grape planted at the Dalbosco vineyard in Porepunkah, this is an extremely limited release. Perfumed aromas of pepper and berry fruits combine with a juicy crisp palate.

 2017 'the clandestine' Shioppettino

Schioppettino (pronounced skee-op-eh-tee-no) also originates from the Friuli region of North East Italy. At the end of the 19th century the variety nearly became extinct and the story goes that it became so rare that it was no longer included on the allowable varieties for the region. Cuttings were propogated 'clandestinely' until there were sufficient vines to reclaim its place on the allowable varieties list. With aromas of pepper, dark berry fruit and savour spice, the wine is more reminiscent of a Rhone variety. Medium bodied on the palate with fine long tannins. A very exciting variety for the region. Sourced from the Greenacres vineyard at Merriang South.