About Fesq & Company

FESQ & COMPANY was founded in 1848, when a young man travelled from Bordeaux as a super cargo. Georges Fesq worked for his uncles Vigourous Freres, negociants on the Quai des Chartrons in Bordeaux.

In the last 166 years, under the stewardship of one Fesq to the next, the company has seen the many vicissitudes of the wine industry.

We operate in the premium wine category, believing the wines we represent can command a place in restaurants and retail shops through the prestige, quality and worth they embody. We are a resource to our customers and a trusted partner to our wineries, both of whom are so often family businesses like ours.

Brief History

Georges Fesq worked for his uncles, Vigourous Freres, negociants on the Quai des Chartrons in Bordeaux. A supercargo travelled with the goods, selling them in the various ports of call. Upon arrival in Sydney, Georges decided he wanted to stay and wrote home of his uncles asking for more wine sell. Long before he died in 1899 the business had prospered and been passed to his son. An 1858 advertisement in the Sydney Morning Herald announced a shipment of (amongst others) Chateau Lafite 1848, Chateau Latourblanche Sauternes and "fine Medoc, in hogsheads, guaranteed direct from the vineyards at Margaux district, near Bordeaux".

At that time, Sparkling Moselle and Sparkling Hock were amongst the most expensive wines at 90/-; Champagne Moet at 120/- was the most expensive wine. The list also offered Antilles Rhum and many other spirits, Bull Dog, Boar's Head and Foster's ales, Beaver Stout, Extra Table Madeira and Havana cigars. Today the firm, happily confined to wine, is still owned by the family, and managed by the sixth generation to work in the business. The portfolio includes some of Australia and New Zealand's foremost wine producers, as well a prestigious collection of European wineries. Fesq & Company operates throughout Australia.