La Clef du Récit | Sancerre

Domaine La Clef du Récit is the exciting brand behind young and ambitious winemaker Anthony Girard. The property is located in Sancerre, in a tiny village called Récy, at the very eastern edge of the Loire Valley, France. Anthony used to work at his family's estate before deciding to find his feet in wineries across the globe. Upon his return five years later he was offered the rare opportunity to acquire a small 8.5 ha estate and pursue the lifelong dream of making wine true to his 'sancerroises origins'. The name La Clef du Récit ('The key of the story') roots back to the moment when he was given a large key by the local press during the opening ceremony as a symbolic gesture for the new ownership. Ever since this moment Anthony reigns winery and vineyards with a charm, enthusiasm and authenticity that are certainly displayed in his wines.

Anthony Girard during a tasting in his winery in October 2017


Ever since Anthony took over the Estate in 2012, he managed his vines according to organic principles, proving that the respectful handling of land and environment will reward you with pure expression of terroir. Two thirds of his vineyards are planted on Caillottes soils, which consist mainly of gravel and limestone and contribute to freshness and fruitiness in the wines; the rest of his vines are grown on flinty soils, which offer great minerality. Treatment in the winery is fairly simple and reduced to a minimum (usually élevage in oak is avoided) to allow the wines their purest varietal expression. 
Loire Valley. Image: Wine Folly


The Loire Valley can be segmented into four districts, namely Nantais, Anjou-Saumur, Touraine, Central Vineyards, displaying different climates, soils, varieties and terroirs. Sancerre is located in the very east of the valley as part of the Central vineyards. Its proximity to Chablis (100 km) decreases the influences of the Atlantic ocean, which are comparably significant the further west you move in the Loire Valley. Sitting on the slow, winding Loire river, which originates hundreds of kilometers to the south-east in the Ardeche Mountains, right near the Cornas wine region of the Northern Rhone, Sancerre has approx. 3,000 ha under vine. Three primary soil types are characteristic for the area: Terres Blanches (“white earth”) usually found in the west. Compact chalk atop kimmeridgean marl is leading to powerful, more full-bodied wines. The longest-lived wines with a distinct gun-flint, mineral character often emerge from the eastern vineyards, where Silex (flint) soils are dominating. Les Caillottes (‘little stones’) consist of gravel and limestone and are known to produce elegantly balanced and lighter wines.


2018 La Clef du Récit Sancerre (arrived Spring 2019)

2016 La Clef du Récit Sancerre (sold out)

Fine acidity and an enduring minerality are great companions in displaying the beautiful purity of this wine. Carried by zesty, bright yellow and citrus fruit characters, it manages the split between a light, refreshing Sancerre with a somewhat juicy mid-palate weight and a wonderful lingering finish far too easily!


2016 La Clef du Récit Menetou-Salon

Crisp and refreshing with underlying aromatics of tropical fruits, lemon and lime. The refined minerality giving the wine a more linear look and allowing a balanced palate weight and mouthwatering length.