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I was travelling through America last year, where I spent a couple of nights with an old friend...

A noted wine collector, he introduced me to what he called, “the best wine glasses, full-stop”. I kept marvelling at the fine, elegant stemware - with the main feature being a unique “double-bend”, creating something like a combination of the austere, refined Zalto glass, and the classic, curvy shape of Riedel. As you’d expect, these are hand-blown with the finest quality lead-free crystal, and therefore withstand clouding.

We have just secured a small allocation, and they are available now.

David Fesq


MT2140MARKTHOMAS Champagne$55.00
MT2100MARKTHOMAS White$55.00
MT2110MARKTHOMAS Allround$55.00
MT2120MARKTHOMAS Red Expression
MT2130MARKTHOMAS Red$65.00
MT2190MARKTHOMAS Decanter$100.00
MT3010MARKTHOMAS Water Jug$75.00

L-R: Decanter, Water Jug


"I have been using the Allround Double Bend glass by MARKTHOMAS for over six months and I must say that I am extremely satisfied with both the quality, price and the impact on our guests. This particular glass offers a unique shape which gives the wine immediate aeration and makes it stand out from other competitors. I look forward to enjoying future glassware made by the innovative MARKTHOMAS brand.“

Clement Robert | UK Sommelier of the Year 2013 | Head Sommelier Medlar Restaurant London


Last month, the managing partner and wine director of La Compagnie des Vins Surnaturels, arguably the hottest industry hangout in NYC, hosted an invite-only launch party. It wasn’t for a new wine import. It was to celebrate a line of glassware from an under-the-radar Austrian label, MARKTHOMAS. Attendees were greeted at the door with a glass of Krug “Grand Cuvée,” and encouraged to bring their own bottles to try out MARKTHOMAS ’s Double Bend glassware series, sans corkage fee. ​ “I have zero stake in these glasses or this business,” La Compagnie’s Caleb Ganzer wrote in his email invitation. “I just think they’re sick stems.”

Courtney Schiessl Tastings Editor VINEPAIR online Published: October 16, 2017

"Have you ever longed for a wine glass that would serve ALL of your wine drinking needs? Or, at least most of them? I know I have. And, I know a lot of bar managers, sommeliers, and restaurateurs who'd sure like to have one glass for many purposes... ​

So, I was intrigued when I learned that an Austrian glassware manufacturer called MARKTHOMAS had produced a one-size-fits-all "universal" wine glass. Maybe this would finally resolve my wine-sipping needs. So, I jumped at the opportunity to preview this unique piece of stemware. ​

The MARKTHOMAS glass is called the Double Bend (DB) Allround glass, which is hand-blown in Austria. The Double Bend refers to the shape of the glass, which has, well, two "bends" in it. The bends help to instantly aerate the wine being poured into the glass. The base of the bowl is cone-shaped, which would allow small pours and wine tastings or flights to be enjoyed. In addition to aeration, the double bend in the glass also focuses the wine's aromas. ​

Well, the proof is in the pudding, as they say. And I must say, I'm impressed by this glass. It's 500 ml capacity leaves lots of room for swishing. The Double Bend glass is really beautiful to look at - form follows function. And, it's ultra-thin and very light, delicate and well-balanced... MARKTHOMAS glasses are said to be dishwasher safe and frequent washing won't cloud the glass thanks to "the exclusion of lead oxide in each manufacturing step," according to the manufacturers... ​

[F]or most of the still wine we drink - both red and white - and, even for Champagne, this wine glass is a wonder. It's a truly versatile glass that mostly lives up to its bold claims of being 'universal.' " ​

Ted Scheffler Editor - DEVOUR Magazine Salt Lake City Weekly Posted: April 15, 2015