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Our first and most important role is helping you achieve the goals you have for your wine program - whether you’re a restaurant, bottle shop, online retailer or any type of licensed business.

You may want to have an award winning wine list, a successful online shop, a suburban retail store or growing group of outlets. In each case, we are confident we can play a role in helping you achieve your commercial and creative goals.

This means having a carefully chosen portfolio of wines that is available to you, with dedicated representatives available to help you with choices, account management, training, and more. 

We have specialised in this specific part of the wine industry for over 100 years, always as a family business, always with our customers in the front of our minds. 

We want you to know all of the ways we can help you with your business’s goals for your wine program.


The Wines We Represent  

Our portfolios are the first point of difference and value. We have a strident belief that we represent the best possible wines and brands in their category. This is the first and most important pillar of the work we do. We have a dedicated team that researches and discovers the finest labels from Australia and beyond.  

These wines are then shipped, stored and made ready for you to order when it's convenient. 

On top of this, we put a huge emphasis on communicating clearly the key information about our wines, why they are special, how they can help you with your goals. The information in the portfolios themselves, this website and the knowledge of your representative - as well as bespoke training sessions we can host for you and your staff.  

Our People 

We believe that each customer should have a dedicated person from our company that is a resource and can help whenever they need it. Our team is made up of wine industry professionals, often coming from a background in restaurants and retail themselves.

 We view this relationship as a partnership - how can we help you over a long period of time with your venue? How can we make sure we're sharing information that is relevant and useful, learning about your specific needs? We're always ready to talk about the help that is unique to you. 

Our Systems and Processes  

At its heart, we work in the field of order processing and delivery. This means having next-day delivery services for the each city. But, there's a lot more that makes us different.

We use modern IT tools to ensure you know everything about your account and how you want to manage it. 

Helpful Information 

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We're always ready to talk about how working with us can help you - so please reach out. 

Many thanks,

David Fesq


Many of our key staff have been with us for a decade or more. We embrace the culture of a family business, especially taking a progressive and longterm view of our relationship, whether it be our wineries, our staff, or our customers. 


Trade Marketing is about clearly presenting the features and benefits of the wines we sell - we take pride in both us, and our wineries, being different. Presentation is a critical part of that - starting with the new portfolio print.


Events are still a huge part of our work. After all of the tastings, meetings, negotiations, account management, and training sessions, it's great to be able to relax and spend time together. 


We spend a lot of time researching, travelling and learning about the best available wineries to represent. 

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