Chiara Condello Sangiovese 6pk 2019

Chiara Condello Sangiovese 6pk 2019

Chiara Condello Sangiovese 6pk 2019
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    Chiara Condello is proving a popular name among Michelin restaurant lists in France with her delicate and finely perfumed Sangiovese Piccolo wines. She grew up in the town of Predappio right near the resort and winery of Condé, owned by her father Francesco. The project under her own name, created with beautifully modern labels, is from a small parcel of land she chose from her father's estate, close to a forest where the vines are deeply rooted in calcareous-clay soil, prime for Sangiovese. Chiara is driven by a deep respect for the land and has followed the path of organic viticulture and handcrafting her wines with indigenous yeasts, gravity-fed tanks and without filtration. Read More

    Best Winemaker Under 35 | Food&Wine Italia Awards 2022

    Top 50 Winery | Food&Wine Italia Awards 2022


    Italy’s Best-Kept Secrets: By Eric Guido, Vinous (June 2020) 

    “Centered in the province of Forli, a new focus on terroir is emerging in Predappio, where we find Chiara Condello, who after only three vintages is already wowing Sangiovese lovers around the world. Here we are in the foothills of the Apennines, with sedimentary soils consisting of a unique formation of marine origin named spungone, made up of calcareous sandstone with large, porous seashells strewn throughout. The most interesting part is that these hillside vineyards have existed for decades; it simply took a new way of thinking to bring them to life. After 15 years of reading about the potential of Sangiovese in Romagna, I’m happy to report that today it has finally been realized within the region itself.”

Press Review


    Chiara Condello Sangiovese 2019

    Mixing both savory and sweet, floral and herbal, earthy yet packed full of bright cherry-berry fruits, the 2019 Sangiovese makes quite a first impression. This is silky in texture, yet juicy and spry with zesty, red berry fruits motivated by brilliant acidity under an air of inner violets and exotic spices. The 2019 has energy to burn, tapering off long and slightly grippy, creating a classically dry impression while also holding your attention firm with its lingering hints of licorice and candied almonds. There is so much balanced pleasure to be had from this Predappio Sangiovese.

    Rating: 92 Points
    Source: Eric Guido, Vinous



    Chiara Condello Sangiovese 2019

    Chiara Condello is one of the young guns of Romagna DOC. She started to work as a winemaker in her father’s winery, Condè, but 10 years ago she bought her own vineyard in Predappio, where today she makes around 30,000 bottles. The focus is on Sangiovese and production is artisanal, with natural yeast and long macerations. In some cases, she partially vinifies without destemming. Intense aromas of red cherry, orange zest and white pepper are followed by a palate with grippy tannins, fleshy and succulent fruit and refreshing acidity. A pleasant, energetic finish.

    Rating: 91 Points
    Source: Decanter