00 Wines EGW Chardonnay 12pk 2021 - Very Limited/Allocation only

00 Wines EGW Chardonnay 12pk 2021 - Very Limited/Allocation only

00 Wines EGW Chardonnay 12pk 2021 - Very Limited/Allocation only
Winery Details

    Ultra-luxury producer, 00 Wines “Double Zero” release its 2018 vintage themed Le Réve, the Dream. With the vintage release, collectors have early, though limited, ability to obtain an allocation of the wines available to club members and enthusiasts alike.

    Family-owned and operated in the Willamette Valley, and in partnership with their international team in France, 00 Wines produced approximately 1,500 cases of its 2018 vintage, blending bi-continental winemaking talents in pursuit of excellence. With Willamette Valley’s longer, more consistent growing season than previous vintages and few days exceeding 90 degrees, the 2018 wines express a purity of place, balanced fruit and acidity, and a lushness that provides a generous drinking experience now, and with future aging potential.

    00 Wines continues to acquire accolades for their 2017 vintage release from world-renowned critics. Due to the winery’s status among the word’s top burgundy collectors, limited access to the flagship VGW Chardonnay, EGW Chardonnay, and VGR Pinot Noir remains available to club members. For serious enthusiasts, the 2018 release is an opportunity to enjoy true mastery while allocation exists. 00 Wines’ proprietor Chris Hermann explains, “2018 was the first vintage produced with new winemaker, Wynne Peterson-Nedry. Her experience growing up and making wine in the Willamette Valley, combined with Pierre Millemann’s old world influence, has come together to create magic in a bottle.”

    Notably in the 2018 release, 00 Wines expands on its two-year program with the production of the Freya Hermann Cuvée allowing two years of age in 500L oak barrel. Additionally, the single vineyard Kathryn Hermann Cuvée makes a debut after 23-months of aging in barrel, inspired by proprietor Kathryn Hermann and her favorite vineyard, Chehalem Mountain Vineyard, from which it is made.

Press & Awards
    00 Double Zero Wines EGW Chardonnay 2021
    So, GW handed me the big guns, the Double Zero EGW 21 and VGW 21, and I swear I heard, “All right, everybody be cool, this is a robbery!”
    Capital letters on the label for a capital CHARDONNAY. Pineapple tarte Tatin, cinnamon bacon pancakes made with baking soda, very American-themed. There’s that fatty, salty electric type of sensation rounding off the mouthfeel. A truckload of flavour. 18-wheeler. This is a solid block of Chardonnay’s DNA and artifact taken to a mega-sized level. And you chew on it, and you chew on it and it opens up and lifts the back palate penetrating long and deep. YET, it manages to grace with a soft, talcum powder (baking soda?) and slate-like touch. There’s so much to unpack, it’s a very detailed wine. It’s peaches and cream, shaved nutmeg and thick grapefruit skin. There’s sweetness and spice. Utter power. Walks such a fine line between being hungry for more and being full to the brim. Just escapes the flabby, the too oaky, the inelegant loud type. So powerful you can overdose but you keep coming back for more. Just what I did. This is, in essence, the statement of excellent quality and winemaking skills. No doubt you’ll get your satisfaction here.
    Caveat: must love strong expressions of Chardonnay, Honey Bunny.
    Rating : 97 Points
    Source: Kasia Sobiesiak, The Wine Front